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February 3 – LD 5, Day 6: What about a Mediator?

Romans 8:3, “For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh.”

Under the judgment of God, sin brings upon man a storm of wrath and human despair. From God’s point of view, we cannot make this storm too black, God instructs us to view our sin as it appears before His holy face. The lightning and thunder of Mt. Sinai is real to us as well. The law cannot deliver man from the judgment of God. It can only condemn.

Then there is the question of a mediator.

From a biblical point of view, the possibility of a mediator introduces sunshine and favor against the background of hopeless despair.

A mediator is more than a substitute, though he is that for sure. His function is more than a HUMAN mediator. We enjoy the function of a mediator in many human situations. Marriage problems – a mediator functions as a counselor, a neutral person who listens to all issues and renders advice which can help solve problems. Countries need mediators to come between warring nations to help solve issues and reconcile offended parties to each other. Here, the mediator takes on a very different function. He does not simply treat God and man as equals, stays neutral, works towards reconciliation for both parties. Rather, his function is to take the side of the sinner and reconcile him to God. God is the offended one and His holy law has been willingly violated by sinful man.

Even then, to raise the possibility of a mediator is to open the door to hope and reconciliation.

Hence the passage quoted above, “the law could not do….. God sending his own Son….condemned sin in the flesh.”

God is right in His judgment of the sinner. In justice, He sentences the entire fallen human race to everlasting perdition and hell.

Only God is able to produce a mediator, one who can come from God’s side and meet the requirements of His holy law and bring about reconciliation.

Mediate upon the sweetness of these words.

With man it is impossible, but what is impossible with man is possible with God.  There is a mediator whom God provides.

Kortering, Jason L.

Rev Jason Kortering (Wife: Jeannette)

Ordained: September 1960

Pastorates: Hull, IA - 1960; Hope, Walker, MI - 1966; Hull, IA - 1970; Hope, Redlands, CA - 1976; Loveland, CO - 1979; Grandville, MI - 1984; Minister-on-Loan (Hope PRC, Walker, MI), Singapore - 1992

Emeritus: 2002


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