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Trust In God Alone

Psalm 62:10

The standard of living today is so much higher than when David wrote Psalm 62. Even Solomon in all his glory did not have many of the things our flesh enjoys today. He may have had servants to fan him on a hot, sultry day, but he did not know the comfort of air conditioning. He had means to warm his body on a cold wintry day, but he did not enjoy central heating. His chariot ride did not equal the speed, comfort, and smoothness of our automobiles; and he could not fly to a distant point in his realm by jet aircraft as we can. We have so much more than David or Solomon.

How much more necessary then today are David's words In Psalm 62:10, namely, "If riches increase, set not your heart upon them." Or as one of our versifications has it:

Trust not in harsh oppression's power,
Nor in unrighteous gain;
If wealth increase, yet on your gold
Ye set your hearts in vain. 

We may enjoy the conveniences God gives us, but we must not let these lessen our trust in Him. these earthly treasures do not bring us one smallest step toward our everlasting home. And instead of bringing us into closer fellowship with God, they so often make us forget Him. As our earthly goods increase, so often our trust in God wilt decrease. We look around at these earthly treasures instead of looking up to Him Who is our rock, salvation, and defense.

How true it is that "If wealth increase, yet on your gold ye set your hearts in vain." These cannot take away one sin. They cannot give us the shortest breath of spiritual life. These cannot enrich our fellowship with God, or buy us the smallest part of a place in His house of many mansions. All this is purchased by the blood of Christ; and our trust for it must all be in God and in what He did through His Son.

The only hope we have of not being swept into the lake of fire, and to escape Satan's clever attacks is trusting in God alone. Tell your soul then not to let these earthly things turn you away from God, but to see these earthly objects as God-given means whereby we are to serve Him.  From Him they came. In His service they mast be used.

Read: Matthew 6:24-34 
Psalter versification: 161:7

Devotions on the Heidelberg Catechism

Song for Meditation: Psalter #158
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Through the Bible in One Year
Read today:

Numbers 6 ; Numbers 7:1-89 
Mark 12:38-44 ; Mark 13:1-13 
Psalm 49:1-20 
Proverbs 10:27-28 

Quote for Reflection:

   … But if they in spirit amid dark clouds, took a flight into the celestial country, what ought we to do at this day? For Christ stretches forth his hand to us, as it were openly, from heaven, to raise us up to himself. If the land of Canaan did not engross their attention, how much more weaned from things below ought we to be, who have no promised habitation in this world? -- John Calvin

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