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Called To Bless God

Psalm 134:1

    A word that falls easily and often off our lips is the word bless. That word is used in two different ways in Scripture. We pray that God will bless us; and often in Scripture we are exhorted to bless God. Thus in Psalm 134:1 we read, "Behold, bless ye the Lordall ye servants of the Lord, which by night stand in the house of the Lord."


    But can we bless God? That He blesses us, we can understand; but can we bring a blessing upon Him Who is the Fountain of all blessings? Can the creature bless the Creator? Yes, man, as the only earthly creature created in God's image, can bless God. And he must bless God.

    There is, however, a tremendous difference in that, when we bless God, we speak well of Him. But when He blesses us, He calls down a good upon us. The word bless means to call good. When we bless God we call Him good, that is, praise Him. When He blesses us, He commands and sends a good upon us. We speak as creatures. He speaks creatively. Thus in our versification we sing:

    Come, all ye servants of the Lord,
    Lift up your voice with one accord
    Jehovah's name to bless;
    Ye that are standing night by night
    Within the house of His delight,
    His glorious Name confess.

    There you have it. When we bless God, we confess that He is good. We bless His name, that is, we bless Him for that wherein He is known. We say that He is good. When He blesses us He makes us become good. He changes us from depraved sinners to become saints, and gives us the joys of sinless creatures in His house of many mansions, and that which brings us there. It is with the cross and by the Spirit of Christ that He blesses us.

    What a reason we have then for blessing Him. All the good of the forgiveness of our sins and the riches of Christ's kingdom He calls down upon us. Night by night we have reason to call Him good. For eternally He is the fount of all good; and not a day must go by that we do not confess His goodness toward us in Christ,

Read: Psalm 134 
Psalter versification: #372:1

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Quote for Reflection:

John Calvin on Psalm 87:2"Here we are taught that all the excellence of the holy city depended on the free choice which God had made of it. With this agrees what is stated in Psalm 77:60, 67, that God rejected Shiloh, the tribe of Ephraim, and the tabernacle of Joseph, that he might dwell in Zion which he loved. The prophet then points out the cause why God preferred that one place before all others; and the cause which he assigns is, not the worth of the place itself, but the free love of God. If it is demanded why Jerusalem was so highly distinguished, let this short answer be deemed sufficient,Because it so pleased God."

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