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A Very Instructive Question

Psalm 27:1

    Children learn by asking questions. At a very early age they ask what this and that is, why this happened and that happened, why we must do this and why we must do that. And parents give them answers to teach them. But parents also have questions and want answers so that light is brought on a particular subject. And they also ask questions in order to teach.

    David did that so beautifully in Psalm 27:1 where he asks, "The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" Actually, of course, it is God who is asking us that question through David, so that we may be freed from fear.  And a stronger reason for not being afraid there is not.

    We will get a more literal translation of David's words in our versification that calls us to sing:

    Jehovah is my light,
    And my salvation near:
    Who shall my soul affright 
    Or cause my heart to fear?
    While God my strength, my life sustains,
    Secure from fear my soul remains.

    For in that name Jehovah is all the light and confidence that we need. That name, which literally means "I AM," presents God to us as a defender and protector Who depends on no one, and upon Whom every creature depends.

    We can have doubts about men who set out to protect and save us. They do not make their own hearts beat. How can we be sure they will succeed'?

    But Jehovah is our light because He is our strength. No matter how dark the situation may be, and how powerful the enemy looks to be, Jehovah, Who is the I AM and never says, "I will be if...," is our salvation in Christ. Our enemies can do only what He gives them the strength to do. We have absolutely no reason to fear what men will do to us. If it will not serve to bring us to the glory God promised us, He will not give them the strength to do so. If it will serve that goal, He will raise them up and give them the life and strength. The cross was no accident. God brought Judas, Caiaphas, Pilate, and the Roman soldiers into being and gave them life, because in Christ He is our salvation.

Read: Psalm 27 
Psalter versification: #71:1

Meditations on the Heidelberg Catechism

Song for Meditation: Psalter #252
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Through the Bible in One Year
Read today:

 2 Chronicles 35 ;  2 Chronicles 36:1-23 
 1 Corinthians 1:1-17 
 Psalm 27:1-6 
 Proverbs 20:20-21 
Quote for Reflection:

 "None will be found so pure as not to need the mercy of God, and if we wish to partake of it, we must feel our wretchedness. ...For, when he comands all his disciples to betake themselves to him daily for the forgiveness of sins, every one who thinks that he has no need of such a remedy, is struck out of the number of the disciples." John Calvin on the 5th petition of the Lord’s Prayer

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