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An Honorable Humiliation

Psalm 119:141-142

    Because we are inclined to forget that which does not interest us, we need to have certain things repeated. But even when we have not forgotten a truth, there are times when it needs to be stated again for emphasis. That is what the psalmist does in Psalm 119:142.

    He had in verse 138 written that God's testimonies are righteous and faithful. In verse 140 he wrote that God's word is very pure. And now in verse 142 he states, "Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and Thy law is the truth." To that we had better hold on with both hands. God's law is truth, is pure and ever faithful.

    If by God's grace you believe this and live according to that law of God, you can depend upon it that what he wrote in verse 141 will be true of you. He wrote, "I am small and despised; yet do I not forget Thy precepts."


    That word small has the idea of being humiliated. If we keep that word, as we find in the KJV, we must understand it as meaning that in the eyes of the unbelievers he is insignificant, a man they look down upon and therefore despise. Our versification has it thus:

    Tho' I am humble and despised,
    I strive Thy will to do;
    Eternal is Thy righteousness,
    And all Thy law is true.

    The question for us is whether that is the world's opinion of us. If we do not forget God's law and do walk in it before the world, we are going to be looked down upon as fools and despised as trouble makers. The question is whether we are eager to be extolled by the world, or to be pleasing in God's sight. It is a case of either. . . or.

    When humiliation and being despised because you walk in love before God is your lot, you have reason to rejoice. If this is not the case you must in love be rebuked.

    Our Savior was laughed at and hung in shame upon His cross because He loved God and His law. He was despised and spit upon, taunted and mocked. If you are born again with His life you can expect ridicule and shame, but also when He returns, elevation and honor before God.

Read: Isaiah 53 
Psalter versification: 338:3
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Song for Meditation: Psalter number 106
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 Jeremiah 51 ;  Jeremiah 52 ;  Jeremiah 53 
 Titus 2:1-15 
 Psalm 99:1-9 
 Proverbs 26:17 
Quote for Reflection:

  … If you are very desirous to keep a law, Christ enjoins on you a law which you are bound to prefer to all others, and that is, to cherish kindness towards each other. He who has not this has nothing. On the other hand, he tells us, that, when every one compassionately assists his neighbor, the law of Christ is ‘fulfilled’; by which he intimates that every thing which does not proceed from love is superfluous. - John Calvin