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Souls That Glorify God

Psalm 19:7

There is not a man on earth who does not hear the speech of the heavens. Powerfully the sun comes up to every man every day. Nothing is hid from its heat. All men know therefore that there is a God Who made that sun and moves it exactly according to a predetermined schedule of time and on a predetermined course.

Knowing that there is a God, all men must live according to His law. No one is a law unto himself. The heavenly bodies all move according to a law set down by God. And man, made in the image of God, as a thinking, willing creature, must live according to God's ethical, moral, spiritual law. In other words he must love God, and in that love serve Him day and night, He must glorify God by his works as well as by his words.

And having fallen into sin man needs God's law to teach him how to serve and glorify the one true God of Whom the heavens speak. David therefore wrote in Psalm 19:7 , "The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure making wise the simple."  When man came from the hand of God in paradise, he did see God's glory and did glorify Him by his walk and words. But man fell and now needs to be converted and made wise in regard to Satan's lie and his own God-given calling. And in His grace God has given us that perfect law. It shows us perfectly our calling; and it serves to make us perfect.

Consider that the heavens declare the glory of God, because it is God Who is speaking through them. The same is true of His law. It is His law and He speaks through it. Therefore we can be sure that this law is perfect, making wise the simple, to give them souls that glorify God.

When we sin, we say that God's law is imperfect and foolish. What shameful pride sin displays! Let us instead with David sing:

Most perfect is the law of God,
Restoring those that stray;
His testimony is most sure
Proclaiming wisdom's way.

Read: Psalm 111 
Psalter versification: 42:1

Devotions on the Heidelberg Catechism

Song for Meditation: Psalter number 266
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Through the Bible in One Year
Read today:
Exodus 21:22-36 ; Exodus 22Exodus 23:1-13 
Matthew 24:1-28 
Psalm 29:1-11 
Proverbs 7:6-23 

Quote for Reflection:

¼ The ascension of Christ is as vital and cardinal a part of the Truth as is His death and resurrection, and provides the same rich food for faith to feed upon. As it was not possible for death to hold Him, so it was not fitting for the earth to retain Christ. He who humbled Himself and became obedient unto death has been “highly exalted and given a name which is above every name.” (Philippians 2:9).          Arthur Pink

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