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Our God's Unsearchable Greatness

In Psalm 145:3 we find an expression of praise to God that ought to move us to extol Him more than we do. David says there, "Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; his greatness is unsearchable." That explains why David had in the preceding verse said that every day he would bless God and praise His name for ever and ever.

What we read in the original Psalm, as written by David, is this: "Great is the Lord and mighty to be praised." David uses two different words, while our King James Version uses the word "great" twice. Now "great" can refer to size, while mighty refers to power, strength. God is great, in that He is everywhere present, and even goes beyond creation. He is mighty and called the almighty God. All power and strength are His. There is nothing that He cannot do. He can do all that He pleases to do. No one can stop Him or even slow Him down.

All creatures depend upon God. They cannot go away from Him, nor can they stop Him from what He sets out to perform. We cannot go where He is not, and we cannot exist one more moment unless it is His will to give us life. We must turn away from all atheism which says that He does not exist. We must reject evolution which does not even explain where that "gaseous vapor" came from, out of which the world "evolved." No, our God is everywhere and almighty, and all that happens must be considered as according to His eternal, unchangeable counsel or plan.

Appreciate then His greatness and might. They assure us that He can and will save us from our sins; and that the devil who got us into sin and guilt is completely under His control. God loves us, and that love is great and mighty.

Extol Him then. Praise him as the God of your salvation. Thank Him for the salvation He realized through His Son.

Read: Psalm 145 .

Through the Bible in One Year
Read today:
2 Chronicles 29:1-36 
Romans 14:1-23 
Psalm 24:1-10 
Proverbs 20:12 
Quote for Reflection:

   ¼ so God gave them over to an unfit mind, to do things that are unfit. Why? Because it must become manifest that he who does not think God fit to keep in mind must run to destruction.
    What shall we do? Nothing. Not if we want to reform the world. 
What shall we do? We shall conclude that it is hopeless. It is the wrath of God that is at the bottom of it all. It is the wrath of God that is at the bottom even of war, of the present confusion of the world, and of the depression. 
   What shall we do? Shall we call a prayer day? This is folly. Away with all that is of man! From the point of view of man, it is hopeless. Why? Because it is the wrath of God that takes hold of man and pulls him down into hell. Let us confess that it is hopeless. 
   What shall we do? We shall say: "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation." For what do we need? We need righteousness; we need holiness; we need a power to snatch us away from the wrath of God. The gospel is a revelation of the righteousness of God, which is by faith in Christ Jesus. 
   This gospel is a power. It is not an offer. But it is a power. It is a power taking man out of the power of sin and lifting him up into the glory of everlasting life. 
   Hopeless, from the point of view of man, and of the world! 
    Full of hope in the cross of Calvary! 
    The righteous shall live by faith.                                  – Righteous by Faith Alone by Herman Hoeksema [pg. 45]