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A Cry From Out Of The Depths

Psalm 130:1,2

    Do you realize where you are? Financially you may consider yourself in difficult circumstances; or in a position wherein you can add to the earthly goods you already have. Physically you may be suffering a lingering illness; or be full of life, energy, and ambition, with enviable health. Socially you may be shunned and avoided; or you may be honored and highly respected. But my question is, "Do you realize where you are spiritually, ethically, morally?" Where are you in God's judgment?

    How often is it not that we assume the position of the Pharisee in Jesus' parable, and are "thankful" that we are not like so and so in our city, or even in our congregation? How seldom is it that we say as the publican did, "God be merciful to me the sinner,'' Yes, that is what he said according to the Greek. He called himself  THE sinner, for he could not read the hearts of others, but saw his own sinful heart.

    How often and how sincerely can we say the words of Psalm 130:1, 2, namely '"Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee, O Lord; Lord, hear my voice: let Thine ear be attentive to the voice of my supplication."

    Consider that one sin of Adam, that brought no bodily harm to anyone, did not consist in nasty, unclean words, and did not take God's name in vain, yet brought death to him and the whole human race. Bear in mind also that a sinful thought or desire deserves the punishment of being cast into the depths of hell.

    Yes, that is where we are in ourselves; in the depths of hell as guilty in Adam. And no wonder then that the psalmist calls upon God to hear his voice. He is so very, very far away from God in those depths of sin and guilt, and really does not deserve to be heard. There is salvation for those who with the psalmist say:

    From out the depths I cry to Thee;
    O let Thine ear attentive be,
    Hear Thou my supplicating plea
    Have mercy, Lord.

Read: Psalm 130 
Psalter versification: 364:1

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I Samuel 1 
I Samuel 2:1-21 
John 5:1-23 
Psalm 105:37-45 
Proverbs 14:28-29

Quote for Reflection:

Commenting on David’s confession that when he sinned it was “against God and God only” (Psalm 51:4), C. Plantinga writes:  All sin has first and finally a Godward force.  Let us say that a sin is any act—any thought, desire, emotion, word, or deed—or its particular absence, that displeases God and deserves blame.  Let us add that the disposition to commit sins also displeases God and deserves blame, and let us therefore use the word sin to refer to such instances of both act and disposition.  Sin is a culpable and personal affront to a personal God.

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