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Walking In God's Law

Psalm 119:1

From a spiritual point of view there are only two places to walk. We either walk in God's law, or we walk outside of that law. Men who, in the early days of our country's settlement, lived outside the laws of men were called outlaws. But Scripture calls those walking outside of God's law transgressors or trespassers. For sin is always a going into places where our feet may not go, or, from another point of view, it is a passing over the line drawn by God.

The psalmist puts it this way in Psalm 119:1"Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord." And did you notice that walking outside of God's law causes one to be defiled?

It is not simply a case of being where we ought not be. It is a case of having a blemish, a mark of imperfection. When we sin, we lose our clean slate and get a mark of guilt upon it. That is why our versification of this Psalm has:

    How blest the perfect in the way
    Who from God's law do not depart.
    Who, holding fast the word of truth,
    Seek Him with undivided heart.

Our flesh does not agree with these words. For our flesh it is bliss to walk in sin. And we will, if we only can, go as far away from God's law as we can. The sad truth is that we are always happy when we are breaking God's law. For our flesh, to walk in God's law is boring. How much, for example, does not the Sabbath day deny our flesh! How much more pleasure do we not get when we disobey the authorities put over us?

But the word of God stands! The only place where we will have and enjoy that which is truly a blessing is to be in the sphere marked off by God's law. And that sphere is that of walking in love to God and to the neighbor.

Walk in love to God, and you will enjoy God's love for you. Walk as His Son did, and you will know the joy of what that Son did for you. Only while walking in the light can you enjoy it.

Read: Psalm 119:1-16 
Psalter versification: 321:1

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Song for Meditation: Psalter number 310
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Deuteronomy 26Deuteronomy 27 
Luke 10:38-42Luke 11:1-13 
Psalm 76:1-12 
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Quote for Reflection:

"As a believer, my whole life is covenant life. God is my God, not only on the Sabbath, but also through the week; not only in my worship, but also in my work; not only in my devotions, but also in my marriage and family; not only as regards my church life, but also with regard to my behavior to the State, to my employer, and to my neighbor. The friendship of God lays claim to everything, controls all, and shows itself everywhere. It makes a radical difference in the believer's experience and behavior. On the one hand, he possesses joy, contentment, and hope. On the other hand, he walks in holiness." --   Prof. David Engelsma

Last modified on 21 April 2013

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