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A Blessed Hope

Psalm 16:10

The child of God not only believes what has taken place, but also what surely will take place in God's appointed time. He also sings of this in our versification of Psalm 16:10 in these words:

    I know that I shall not be left
    Forgotten in the grave,
    And from corruption, Thou, O Lord,
    Thy holy one wilt save.

David states it this way, "For Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell; neither wilt Thou suffer Thy holy one to see corruption" Psalm 16:10.

These words contain a truth that we should hold to especially on the day between Jesus' death and resurrection. For the word "hell" is here more clearly translated as "grave." And the word "for" reveals that here we have the reason for David's statement in the preceding verse that "My flesh shall rest in hope." When we die, our flesh rests in hope of being raised again. For we believe in the glorious truth of Christ's death and resurrection as our covenant Head. On Crucifixion Friday He had triumphantly cried out, "It is finished." Our salvation was purchased. God's Son had earned it for us!

Therefore, today, no matter what happens and how badly our bodies are ravaged by disease, wasted away by fierce fevers, crushed and even blown to pieces by an explosion, or burned by fire, we have hope that our bodies will not remain in their graves, but be raised and be like the glorious body of Christ, incorruptible, immortal, powerful, spiritual, and honorable.

What a blessed truth then the cross and death of Christ presents us! What a blessed hope we have because of that work finished on the cross! Because our justification was finished, our glorification is absolutely sure. Our hope is not a wish, but it is a confident expectancy based upon the word of our God, Who cannot lie, and upon a finished work that gave us the right to it.

Let this blessed significance of what took place almost two thousand years ago be with you today and every day, so that you can close your eyes in sleep of death with this blessed hope of waking up in heavenly glory.

Read: Psalm 16 
Psalter versification: 28:4

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"Apart from the church, salvation is impossible" -- Martin Luther (Luther’s Works, vol. 21, p. 127).

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