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234. Devout Prayers and Pleas



1. O Lord my God, my joyful heart
Will give Thee praise forevermore,
For rich in grace to me Thou art,
My soul from death Thou didst restore.

2. O God, the proud against me rise,
The wicked who delight in strife;
They set not Thee before their eyes,
They seek to take away my life.

3. In Thee, O Lord, all grace is found,
Thy people shall Thy mercy know;
Thy truth and goodness still abound,
To wrath and anger Thou art slow.

4. In mercy turn and look on me,
Thy servant true, Thy chosen one;
Let me Thy great salvation see,
And strengthen me my course to run.

5. Some token of Thy love bestow,
Which they who hate me now may see;
Let all, O Lord, be brought to know
That Thou dost help and comfort me.






Last modified on 01 April 2013

Additional Info

  • Psalter #: 234
  • # Stanzas: 5
  • Metre: L.M.
  • Video: No
  • Psalm: 86
  • Type: Normal