"The Protestant Reformed Churches believe that, in obedience to the command of Christ, the King of the church, to preach the blessed gospel to all creatures, baptizing, and teaching them to observe all things which Christ has commanded, it is the explicit duty and sacred privilege of said churches to carry out this calling according to the measure of our God-given ability.
    "We believe that this missionary activity includes the work of church extension and church reformation, as well as the task of carrying out the gospel to the unchurched and heathen.  However, we are convinced that our present duty lies primarily in the field of church extension and church reformation." (Constitution of the Domestic Mission Committee of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America).


Philippine Mission Highlight:
Ordination of Pastor-elect Vernon Ibe
Berean PRC, Manila - Nov.2, 2012
Visit the Kleyn's Blog for more pics and notes.

Missionary R.Smit, his wife and children left June 4, 2013
for their 6-week furlough to the U.S.A. Pray for them during this
time of rest and labor. For pictures and a description of the
furlough read the Kleyn's Blog.


Mission Newsletters
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    Volume 1, Number 2
    Volume 1, Number 3
   Volume 2, Number 1
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Secretary for Home Missions Committee:
Rev. J. Kortering

Constitution of the Domestic Mission Committee

Secretary for Foreign Missions Committee:
Rev. James Laning

Constitution of the Foreign Mission Committee

Home Missions

Foreign Missions

Protestant Reformed Fellowship
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Calling Church: Southwest PRC, Wyoming, MI


Church bulletin
April 2013 Newsletter
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Missionary-Pastor: Rev.Wilbur (Bill) Bruinsma
Sit in on Pastor Bruinsma's Saturday Morning Class,
"The Belgic Confession" (on the Bible)

Limerick Reformed Fellowship
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Limerick, Republic of Ireland
(a mission work of the Ballymena, N.Ireland congregation - see below)

Church bulletin
Reports from Limerick
 June 2013 Newsletter
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Missionary-Pastor: Rev. Martyn McGeown


Watch Video of the 1st Baptism Performed in the LRF
March 25, 2012





Covenant of Grace Protestant Reformed Church
Spokane, Washington

(Note: This former mission is now an organized church,
but still active in local and regional evangelism.)

Pastor Rodney Kleyn

Introduction to the Protestant Reformed Churches:
Rev.R.Kleyn and Missionary W.Bruinsma
Radio Interviews: (#1), (#2), (#3), (#4)
Church bulletin
Newsletters (most recent - May 2013)


Covenant Protestant Reformed Church
Ballymena, Northern Ireland
(an organized congregation assisted by the PRCA)
Pastor: Rev.Angus Stewart - pastorcprc.co.uk

Latest List of Coming Events

Reports from Ballymena
Church bulletin

Read the Latest Issue of (click on the image below):
June 2013


To view past issues of the CRN, visit this page.





Foreign Mission Labors
 September 2012 Newsletter

In the Philippines
Latest Newsletter (May 2013)
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The Kleyn's Blog

The Smit's Family Blog (email for access)
Foreign Mission Committee Members
Back Row: Glen Kooima, Don Vander Meer, Andy Brummel, Ike Uittenbogaard, Rev.J.Laning
Front Row: Rev.D.Overway, Rev.A.Brummel, Gerald Brummel, Alan Van Bemmel

All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship
Gabaldon, the Philippines

Missionary D.Kleyn preaching in the
All of Grace PR Fellowship

Maranatha Reformed Church in Valenzuela

Other Foreign Contacts

Labors in Myanmar

On behalf of the council, Elder John VanBaren and Deacon Henry VanderWaal visited Yangon, Myanmar from Nov.14-19. These delegates were sent to visit and encourage Reverend Titus and the saints in the Protestant Reformed Churches of Myanmar. They were also assigned a list of objectives and questions to consider regarding the ecclesiastical and benevolent work that continues there. May the Lord bless their labors and bless our fellow saints in Myanmar.

News from the CERC in Singapore
Weekly church bulletin

Arrival in Singapore!

Pastor Andrew Lanning (Minister-on-Loan)
Grandville MI PRC - Calling Church

Read the Lanning's blog, "Stories from Singapore".

Letters from Singapore and Australia
Rev.A.Lanning's letters back home while on official PRC visit in 2010.

Labors in India (Georgetown PRC)

Pastor Carl Haak, Elder Deane Wassink, and Prof. Barry Gritters recently took a two week trip (Jan.2-16, 2013) to Vellore, India, to visit with the church and orphanage and work of Rev. Pau Raj. In addition to preaching in both the English and Tamil Congregations, the brethren gave a conference on the Office of Elder and Deacon and the function and calling of the instituted church.  They also spent time with Pastor Raj and Kasturi, the members of the RCCV, the Grace Foster Home, and visited a few of the village outreaches. Below are a few pictures of their visit. More are available at the Facebook page of Georgetown PRC. You may also read the latest newsletter of the India Mission Outreach.

You are invited to attend a slide show program sponsored by Georgetown PRC on the Reformed Christian Church of Vellore, India
to be held on
evening, April 21, 8pm. in our church. The program will focus on the recent visit in January made by
Pastor Haak, Prof. Gritters and Elder Wassink to Pastor Paul Raj and the RCCV. The program will also give a report of
Georgetown’s work in Vellore India over the past 6 years. Refreshments will follow.
We hope many will come and learn of this work of the Lord in gathering His church in India.

Prof.Gritters Class

Missionary-Pastors: Rev. Daniel Kleyn and Rev. Richard Smit
d.kleynprca.org  and smitprca.org

Newly ordained pastor Vernon Ibe with wife Melody and sons
"M.J." and "L.J." As of Nov.2012 Pastor Ibe is now serving as
of the Berean PR Church in Manila.


Berean Protestant Reformed Church
Philippines - Calling Church: Doon, IA PRC
New! View pages from the "Berean Word Watch"
on their organization Nov.19, 2006!
Pastor Vernon Ibe -

Church bulletin
Sermons and Literature website

First Reformed Church of Bulacan
Pastor John Flores -

Pastor John Flores receiving Examination Diploma
from Missionary-pastor D.Kleyn, Nov.30, 2012
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