Table of Contents

Polycarp: Martyr of Christ
Justin Martyr: Convert from Heathendom
Tertullian: Theologian
Athanasius: Against the World
Anthony: Ascetic Among Ascetics
John Chrysostom: Golden-Tongued Preacher
Augustine: Theologian of Sovereign Grace
Patrick: Missionary to Ireland
Columba: Missionary to Scotland
Boniface: Apostle to the Germans
Alcuin: Educator
Gotteschalk: Martyr for Predestination
Anselm: Archbishop of Canterbury
Bernard of Clairvaux: Monk and Scholar
Catherine of Siena: Mystic
Francis of Assisi: Medieval Saint
John Wycliffe: Morning Star of the Reformation
John Hus: Bohemian Reformer
The Waldensians
Martin Luther: German Reformer
John Calvin: Swiss Reformer
Ulrich Zwingli: Reformer of Zurich
Peter Martyr Vermigli: Italian Reformer
William Farel: Fiery Evangelist of the Reformation
Heinrich Bullinger: Covenant Theologian
Theodore Beza: Reformed Theologian
Martin Bucer: Ecumenist of the Reformation
The Story of Two Fredericks
Zacharias Ursinus and Caspar Olevianus: Authors of the Heidelberg Catechism
Peter Datheen: Father of Reformed Liturgy
Guido de Brès: Author of the Belgic Confession
William the Silent: Father of the Netherlands
Franciscus Gomarus: Stubborn Champion of God's Glory
William III of Orange: Warrior of the Faith
Gijsbert Voetius: Defender of Orthodoxy
Johannes Maccovius: Supralapsarian
William Ames: Puritan in the Netherlands
Johannes Cocceius: Biblical Theologian
John Knox: The Reformer of Scotland
William Tyndale: Father of the English Bible
Hugh Latimer: Reformer and Martyr
Thomas Cranmer: Sinning Reformer
Andrew Melville: Father of Presbyterianism
Alexander Henderson: Covenanter
Samuel Rutherford: Westminster Divine
The Story of Two Margarets
John Bunyan: Author of Pilgrim's Progress
Hendrik De Cock: Reformed Reformer
Abraham Kuyper: Dutch Calvinist
Herman Hoeksema: Theologian and Reformer
George Martin Ophoff: Humble Servant of the Truth