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The PRC Synod is the broadest church assembly or gathering, made up of 20 delegates, 5 ministers and 5 elders from each Classis (of which there are two in the PRC). It meets annually during the second week of June to treat the ecclesiastical matters of the denomination (Missions, Seminary, etc.) and whatever matters have been brought from the narrower assemblies, viz., the Consistories and the Classes. The decisions of this body are published in the annual "Acts of Synod".

PRC Synod 2020 - Day 4 (Friday, June 12)

Aerial view Trinity PRC 1
Aerial view of the host church, Trinity PRC (thanks to Nick Kleyn's drone!)

The PRC Synod of 2020 held its fourth and final session today at Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI.

officers 2 2
Officers of synod: Revs.R. Kleyn (V.P), R. Van Overloop (Pres.), C. Spronk (1st clerk), J. Engelsma (2nd clerk)

Synod 2020 Highlights Friday, June 12

Synod spent a large part of the day treating an individual’s appeal which contained several different parts. One part was declared not legally before synod, and after careful deliberation the other legal parts were not sustained.

Synod approved the work of the Special Synodical Committee to Assist Hope PRC, declared that they had fulfilled their mandate, and disbanded the Committee.

Regarding the work of the Domestic Mission Committee, Synod did the following:

• Approved the work of Byron Center PRC Council and the DMC, and expressed appreciation for the work of our home missionary, Rev. Spriensma.

• Mandated the DMC to report to Synod next year with ways that it has increased their efforts to establish a concrete field of labor for the missionary.

• Expressed thanks for the work of Chuck Terpstra and Alex Postma on the website.

• Mandated the DMC to report to Synod 2021 with concrete plans and budget for professionally updating and maintaining our website.

Synod approved “Affirmations Regarding Marriage, Sexuality, and Gender Identity” for the greater legal protection of our denomination.

Synod approved the work of the Stated Clerk, Rev. Van Overloop, and thanked him for his work.

Synod approved the emeritation requests of our emeritus ministers and the widows of ministers.

Synod approved subsidy requests from 7 congregations.

Synod expressed thanks to our Synodical Treasurer, Don Offringa, and Bookkeeper, Pamela Bos, for their labors.

Synod adopted a budget for 2021 and set synodical assessments at $750 per family, down $25 from 2020. Synod carried out annual elections for various committees. Synod set June 8, 2021, as the date for next year’s synod, to be held at Georgetown PRC.

The President, Rev. Van Overloop, concluded by expressing appreciation for the exemplary way in which the delegates worked together on behalf of the churches, and the Vice-President, Rev. R. Kleyn, led the delegates in prayer, thanking God for the strength to do the work and asking for his blessing upon it.

Comm1 2
Committee I

Comm2 2
Committee II

Comm3 2
Committee III

 Comm4 2
Committee IV

Comm5 2
Committee V

sem profs 2 2
Seminary professors

Aerial view Trinity PRC 2

 Thanks to John Van Baren for all the "official" synod pics!

PRC Synod 2020 - Day 3 (Thursday, June 11)

Trinity building new part 1

The PRC Synod 2020 held its third session today, Thursday June 11, at Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI.

Singing 1

One of the great traditions of synod is the opening devotions, including the singing, sometimes accompanied, sometimes acapella.

It was photo day during coffee break this morning. Below is a couple of sample of the group picture.

Group pic 2

Group pic 1

Here is today's summary of synod's work:

This morning Synod dealt with the report of the Theological School Committee.

• Synod approved two men being admitted to our seminary this coming school year. Both are seeking the ministry in our churches.

• Synod approved the request of the TSC that Prof. Huizinga be granted an additional year in his transition to teaching full-time so that he can take a two-year course of theological Dutch.

• Synod expressed thanks for the work of the five professors, Mr. Chuck Terpstra, and Ms. Sharon Kleyn in our seminary.

• Prof. Cammenga was appointed to a three-year term as rector.

• Synod instructed the Stated Clerk in his letter to the churches to include a notice of the urgent need for seminary students.

Synod also approved the work and disbursements of the Student Aid Committee.

Synod appointed a PRC Psalter Revision Review Committee of nine members of our churches. They were tasked with evaluating all the proposed revisions to the Psalter and making recommendations to synod regarding adopting these proposed revisions.

Synod had before it two protests of decisions of Synod 2019. Synod decided not to sustain both protests.

Synod approved several new memory work schedules for Juniors and Seniors catechism classes, and mandated the Catechism Book Committee to propose to Synod 2021 the layout of new catechism books implementing the approved memory work schedules. Synod thanked Prof. Cammenga and Rev. den Hartog for their careful and diligent work on these memory work schedules.

And a few other candid photos taken.

RGritters BGritters

Elder R. Gritters and brother Prof. B. Gritters

Elder JRegnerus

Elder J. Regnerus (Doon, IA - Is the coffee as good as it is in NW Iowa?)

WLangerak NKleyn

Rev. W. Langerak (who's texting me now?!)

Elders JLenting BLooyenga

Elders J. Lenting (Crete PRC) and B. Looyenga (Zion PRC)

RBarnhill JEngelsma BGritters

Coffee-break chat: Revs. R. Barnhill and J. Engelsma, elder B. Gritters (Hull PRC)

PRC Synod 2020 - Day 2 (Wednesday, June 10)

TrinityPRC front 2

This morning the 2020 Synod of the PRC continued its sessions at Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI.

Officers 2
Synod's officers ready to work

The following is the clerk's summary of the day's actions and decisions:

Wednesday, June 10

  • Synod began the day today treating two protests of an individual against decisions of
    Classis East. Synod decided not to sustain both protests.
  • A protest against a decision of Synod 2019 was declared illegal.
  • Regarding the work of the Foreign Mission Committee synod:
    • approved the work of Doon PRC and the FMC in the Philippines
    • expressed gratitude to Rev. and Mrs. Holstege, Rev. and Mrs. Kleyn, & Rev. and Mrs. Smit and
      their families for their faithful service in the cause of the mission work in the Philippines
    • approved a six month furlough for the Holsteges
    • approved the work of the FMC in its work in Myanmar with Hope PRC (Walker, MI), and its work in
      India with Georgetown PRC
    • approved asking the churches to take 2 collections for foreign missions and 1 collection for the
      Philippine book fund in 2021
  • Synod approved the work of the Contact Committee in its work with the following
    • sister churches in Northern Ireland, Singapore, and the Philippines
    • the EPC in Australia
    • the BERG in Giessen Germany along with another congregation in Osnabruk Germany
    • the United Reformed Church in North America
    • in South Korea
    • in Mexico
    • in Namibia and South Africa
    • Synod approved the work of the Contact Committee in sending a delegation to the
      2019 meeting of NAPARC (North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council).
      Approval was also given to the recommendation to accept the invitation to send two
      observers to the meeting of NAPARC in 2020.

Rev. C. Spronk, Prof. R. Dykstra, Rev. R. Van Overloop, Rev. J. Engelsma

four men SMBGGERK
Elder S. Miedema, Rev. G. Eriks, Rev. R. Kleyn, Prof. B. Gritters

DKregel GEriks
Elder D. Kregel and Rev. G. Eriks

PRC Synod 2020 - Day 1 (Tuesday June 9)

TrinityPRC front 1

This morning the 2020 Synod of the PRC convened in Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI.

eriks 02

At the pre-synodical service Monday night, Rev. G. Eriks (Hudsonville PRC) preached from Micah 6:8, setting the theme for this year's body: "He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?"

delegates seated 1

In the opening session the following officers were chosen: Rev. R. Van Overloop, President; Rev. R. Kleyn, Vice-president; Rev. C. Spronk, 1st clerk; Rev. J. Engelsma, 2nd clerk.

synod officers 1

The new chair then addressed the delegates.

RVO address delegates

The Committee of committees was appointed to divide and assign the work of synod.

Committees report

BLooyenga CGriess

Elder B. Looyenga and Rev. C. Griess

clerka Spronk Engelsma

The Clerks - Rev. J. Engelsma and Rev. C. Spronk

EGuichelaar RBarnhill

Revs. E. Guichelaar and R. Barnhill

GFeenstra JLaning

Elder G. Feenstra and Rev. J. Laning

 Here follows the report of the clerk on Day 1:

  • Rev. Garry Eriks, president of Synod 2019 led the pre-synodical service last night, preaching on Micah 6:6-8, “What Is Required of Synod 2020.” This morning he led synod in opening devotions and declared synod properly constituted, after the credentials of the delegates were read and approved.
  • Delegates of synod are Revs. Eriks, Griess, B. Langerak, Spronk, & Van Overloop and elders Rick Gritters, Nick Kleyn, Dave Kregel, Brendan Looyenga, and Sid Miedema from Classis East. Delegates from Classis West are Revs. Barnhill, J. Engelsma, Guichelaar, R. Kleyn, & Laning and elders Glenn Feenstra, Brian Gritters, Jim Lenting, Jim Regnerus, and Alan Van Bemmel.
  • The officers of Synod 2020 are President—Rev. Van Overloop; Vice President— Rodney Kleyn; 1st Clerk—Rev. Spronk; 2nd Clerk—Rev. Engelsma.
  • Present at synod as advisors are Profs. Cammenga, Dykstra, Gritters, Huizinga, and Kuiper.
  • Chairman Rev. Van Overloop noted with regret that because of the restrictions due to Covid-19 synod is not able to enjoy the fellowship and advice of delegates from sister churches.
  • Approval was given to the work of the Board of Trustees in assisting Trinity PRC in determining that synod should meet because “the meeting of the synod of the PRCA is essential for the execution of the business of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America as a denomination.” The ground given for this determination, which allows synod to meet even though the Executive Orders of Michigan’s governor only allows for meetings of 10 people or less, is that the By-Laws of the PRCA designate synod to be the only body which conducts the business of synod.
  • Synod also approved a recommendation to adopt restrictions proposed by Trinity PRC. One of the restrictions mandates that attendance in the facility is restricted to delegates, advisors, the staff of Trinity PRC, the appellants and protestants, numbering no more than 35 persons.
  • Synod declared the protests against decisions of Synod 2019 of two individuals regarding Psalter Revision to be legal.
  • Synod declared an appeal against Classis East to be legal.

PRC Synod 2019: Day 5 - Monday, June 17 *Updated with Report

session pic 2

The PRC Synod reconvened Monday morning at 10 a.m. in First PRC (Grand Rapids, MI).

The main item on the agenda was consideration of two protests involving Synod 2018's decision on the relation between faith and good works. Synod unanimously adopted the advice of its committee of pre-advice (Committee 4), that neither protest be sustained. Synod 2019 gave detailed grounds to both parties, which will become available in the published Acts of Synod.

In other business, Synod voted for members of its standing committees (Contact Committee, Domestic Mission Commitee, Foreign Mission Committee, Theological School Commmittee, etc.) and officers. These too will be published in the summary report and in the Acts.

Synod concluded its work a little after 2:00 p.m.

The expenses for synod totaled $11,524.83.

Let us pray for God's blessing to rest upon the decisions reached, for the good of the PRC, her sister churches, and her mission endeavors - and above all, for the glory of God and the King of the church, Jesus Christ.

coffee wed 1
One of the coffee-time breaks at Synod 2019

coffee grad 1
Coffee and cake time after seminary graduation Thursday night (at Eastside Christian School next door)

RevGVB exam thurs
Rev. G. Van Baren was able to attend the end of the seminary student examination on Thursday.

PRC Synod 2019: Day 4 - Friday, June 14 *Updated with Report

sem grads 1a
The PRC Seminary graduates are introduced by Prof. B. Gritters, rector of the seminary.

sem graduation 2019 1

After a wonderful seminary commencement program Thursday night in First PRC (Grand Rapids, MI), (see pics above)

sem grad cake

the PRC Synod 2019 returned to its regular business at 8 am Friday morning.

synod fri 2

Much of the work was based on the report of Committee 3 dealing with the protests concerning Psalter revision and Contact Committee work.

synod fri 1

That included addresses from the three foreign men representing our sister churches:

JFlores address fri
Rev. John Flores from the PRC in the Philippines

LeeM Hsien CEREC address fri
Deacon Lee Meng Hsien from Covenant ERC, Singapore

MMcgeown address fri
and Rev. M. McGeown representing Covenant PRC, N. Ireland (he is her missionary-pastor in Limerick, Ireland)

*The summary report on today's decisions has now been attached to this news post. Included in that are these words:

Delegates from our sister churches were given an opportunity to address synod on behalf of their churches. Deacon Lee Meng Hsien spoke on behalf of the CERCS, Rev. McGeown spoke on behalf of Covenant PRC in Northern Ireland. and Rev. John Flores spoke on behalf of the PRC in the Philippines. These delegates spoke of the work that God was doing in their churches and expressed thanks to God for our sister church relationship. The chairman of synod responded by express to these delegates our thanks to God for them and for the fellowship that we have them.
Synod expressed to the PRCP and CERCS that the PRCA has no objections to their entering into a sister-church relationship with each other, and expressed to our sister churches our joy and our thankfulness to God for opening the way for this manifestation of the unity and catholicity of the church and our prayer for God’s richest blessings upon this relationship.

Synod plans to reconvene at 10 am Monday morning.

PRC Synod 2019: Day 3 - Thursday, June 13 *Updated with Report

rdykstra exam 1
Prof. R. Dykstra examining the seminarians in church history (early church focus).

This morning synod returns to the oral examination of Sems. M. Kortus and J. Maatman. The seniors will be examined in O.T. History, N.T. History, Church History, Church Polity, and Practica (a practical exam). These portions of the exam will also be live-streamed on First PRC's Sermonaudio channel.

bgritters exam polity
Prof. B. Gritters examining the men in Reformed Church Polity (government) and OT history.

RC NT exam Thurs 1
Prof. R. Cammenga examining in NT history.

exam audience thurs
Audience observing the examination in First PRC sanctuary

Following the exam, synod will make a decision to approve these men and declare them candidates for the ministry of the Word in the PRCA.

*Update: That decision has now been made. Both M. Kortus and J. Maatman have been unanimously approved and declared to be candidates for the ministry of the Word in the PRC, eligible for a call beginning July 13. We rejoice with these brothers and their wives and families, and thank God for the gift of two more eligible pastor-teachers for the churches.

student approval thurs 1
Rev. G. Eriks, president of Synod 2019, informs the students and their wives and the audience of synod's decision.

synod congrats 1
synod congrats 2
Following the singing of the doxology and prayer, the students received the congratulations of the professors, delegates, family, and friends.

This afternoon synod will return to its regular work, considering the advice of its various committees.

First church

Seminary graduation will take place this evening in First PRC, at 7:30 P.M.  Prof. R. Dykstra will give the address from 1 Timothy 4:16, "Take Heed to Thyself and to the Doctrine." The choir of First PRC, Holland, MI will provide the special music. All are welcome to join us in celebrating the goodness of God in providing two graduates this year.

PRC Synod 2019: Day 2 - Wednesday, June 12 - *Updated with Report

CGriess devotions
Rev. C. Griess (pastor of First PRC, the host church) with opening devotions, Wednesday, June 12

Following synod's approval of the sermons of Sems. M. Kortus and J. Maatman yesterday, synod is proceeding with their oral examination today. First is Prof. R. Cammenga, who is examining them in all branches of theology. The exam is being live-streamed through First PRC's Sermonaudio channel.

Exam Dogm 2
Prof. R. Cammenga examining Sems. Matt K. and Jacob M. in dogmatics

Students exam 2
The two men completed their exam in dogmatics this afternoon, then synod reconvened to treat material from its committees that was ready. *The report of the actions taken is attached in pdf form.

One of the more significant decisions was this: "Synod called Rev. Brian Huizinga to replace Prof. Cammenga as Professor of Dogmatics and Old Testament. Rev. Cory Griess was chosen to be the alternate. May the Lord guide Rev. Huizinga that he may know God’s will regarding this call. Let us remember him in our prayers."

On Thursday the seniors will be examined in O.T. History, N.T. History, Church History, Church Polity, and Practica (a practical exam). This portion of the exam will also be live-streamed.

synod sessions 1

Missionary-pastor D. Kleyn addressed synod on the ongoing work of the PRC's three missionaries in the Philippines (photo below).

DKleyn address Wed 2

The following are pictures taken today of the committees of synod - and one at work yesterday (more to come!).

Comm 1 1
Committee 1 - Prof. B. Gritters, Elders G. Lanning, H. Goosen, Rev. S. Key, Rev. G. Eriks

Comm 2 1
Committee 2 - Revs. C. Haak, J. Laning, Elders A. Meuer, K. Van Overloop, Prof. R. Cammenga

Comm 3 1
Committee 3 - Rev. R. Kleyn, Elder M. Bosveld, Rev. R. Van Overloop, Elder D. Terpstra, Prof. R. Dykstra

Comm 4 1
Committee 4 - Elder P. VanDer Schaaf, Prof. D. Kuiper, Rev. B. Huizinga, Elder B. Wories, Rev. C. Griess

Comm 5 1
Committee 5 - Revs. C. Spronk, A. Brummerl, Elders R. Gritters, B. Gritters

Foreign delegates
The special foreign delegates - Rev. J. Flores (PRC, the Philippines), Rev. M. McGeown (Covenant PRC, N. Ireland), Deacon Lee Meng Hsien (Covensnt ERC, Singapore)

Comm1 work 2
Committee 1 at work

Comm 2 work 2
Committee 2 at work

Comm3 Tues 2
Committee 3 at work

Comm 5 work 2
Committee 5 at work

And the group pictures taken today, one in front of First PRC, the other down below.

group front 1

group below 1

PRC Synod 2019: Pre-synodical Service (Monday) and Day 1 (Tuesday) *Updated with Report

RevRVO Pre synod sermon 2

On Monday evening, June 10, 2019, having been called by her Council, the congregation of First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI - the calling church of the PRC Synod 2019 - gathered in worship, together with the synodical delegates and fellow saints and friends of the PRC. The service was led by Rev. R. Van Overloop, the president of last year's synod. He preached from Revelation 3:14-21, speaking on the theme "The Church of Christ at Laodicea" (you may find and listen to the sermon at this link).

pre synod service 1stprc 2019

Synod will begin its sessions in the lower level of First PRC on Tuesday morning at 8:00 am. After being constituted, synod will elect officers and appoint committees for her work (cf. update below).

MKortus sermon 1
Sem. Matt Kortus delivering his sermon on Ps.139:23,24

JMaatman sermon 2
Sem. Jacob Maatman delivering his sermon on Luke 19:10

The rest of the morning, beginning at 10 am, will involve the delivery of specimen sermons by the two senior seminarians to be examined by synod - Matthew Kortus and Jacob Maatman. The rest of their oral exam (in theology, etc.) will begin Wednesday morning. Visitors are welcome. *Synod approved the live-streaming of the exam. That may be viewed on First PRC's Sermonaudio channel.

Tuesday afternoon the committees will begin their work of preparing advice for synod.

First church

Delegates to Synod 2019 are as follows:

Classis East: Revs. G. Eriks, C. Griess, C. Haak, C. Spronk, and R. Van Overloop. Elders M. Bosveld, R. Gritters, G. Lanning, P. VanDer Schaaf, K. Van Overloop

Classis West: Revs. A. Brummel, B. Huizinga, S. Key, R. Kleyn, J. Laning. Elders H. Goosen, B. Gritters, A. Meuer, D. Terpstra, B. Wories

Officers 1
From l-r: Rev. J. Laning, Rev. C. Spronk, Rev. G. Eriks, Rev. S. Key

Update: Synod voted the following men as its officers:

President: Rev. G. Eriks
Vice President: Rev. S. Key
First Clerk: Rev. C. Spronk
Second Clerk: Rev. J. Laning

And these minutes relating to the foreign delegates from the PRC's sister churches may be noted:

Synod receives letters from the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Northern Ireland,
informing synod that they have authorized Rev. Martyn McGeown to represent the CPRCNI and speak on
her behalf; from the Classis of the Protestant Reformed Churches in the Philippines,
informing synod that they have authorized Rev. John Flores to represent the PRCP and speak on her
behalf; from the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore, informing
synod that they have authorized deacon Lee Meng Hsien to represent the CERCS and speak on her behalf.
It is moved to seat Rev. Martyn McGeown, Rev. John Flores, and deacon Lee Meng Hsien, giving
them advisory vote in all matters. Carried.

On behalf of synod the chairman welcomes the representatives from our sister churches.

The report of the Committee on Committees (dividing up the work of synod) was approved. *See attachment for that document.

The report on the day from the second clerk of synod also included these notes (that report is also attached):

Synod has the privilege of examining two seminarians this year. Today synod approved the specimen sermons of Seminarian Matt Kortus and Seminarian Jacob Maatman. After the approval of the students’ sermons synod adjourned for the day, so that the pre-advice committees could begin their work.
Synod is scheduled to reconvene tomorrow morning at 8:00. After morning devotions, synod will begin with the oral examination of the two students. Live-streaming of the examinations will be available.

And, of course, we want to acknowledge the all-important role of the tech-crew!

Tech crew 1

PRC Synod 2018 - Day 7 - Thursday, June 21

AdamsCS 1

The PRC Synod 2018 completed its work Thursday, June 21, beginning at 8 AM and ending after lunch.

Rev. G. Eriks, second clerk of synod, offers this final summary of the day's work:

After praying for God’s blessing upon the work of the day, synod returned to recommitted material regarding
the appeal dealt with yesterday. Synod sustained the appellant's appeal of Art. 44 of Classis East, which decision advised

Hope’s consistory to require the appellant to retract an accusation. 

Synod also made a favorable judgment on the paper that Rev. D. Overway wrote in response to the following
mandate of Synod 2017: “respond fully, in writing, to the objections against his sermon on John 14:6 as
sustained by Synod 2017. This response must include his theological convictions about the matter.” Synod said
that Rev. Overway satisfactorily fulfilled this mandate and judged his response to be orthodox.

Synod then approved some recommendations to help Hope PRC implement these decisions. This included the
appointment of a special committee of Prof. R. Cammenga, Rev. C. Spronk, and Rev. R. Van Overloop.
Synod then turned to the three protests of the decision found in Article 88, B.1 of Synod 2017 (Acts, pp. 88-89).

Synod sustained the protests of these three men and rescinded Art. 88. B. 1 because the statements were unclear
and because Synod 2017 erred when it entered into the statements of a protestant while at the same time not
sustaining the protest, which charged these statements with antinomianism.

Synod also responded to one protest by rebuking the protestant for including in his protest charges of heresy
against an office bearer in good standing in the PRC.

After lunch, synod voted on appointments to the standing committees of synod, and approved expenses of over
$12,000 for the meeting of synod.

The chair thanked the delegates for their work and cooperation and the chair was thanked for his able leadership
of the synod through many difficult issues. Elder Jim Lanting closed synod with a prayer of thanksgiving

May the King of the church give His sovereign blessing to the decisions reached by Synod 2018 - for the welfare of His church and the glory of His name.

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