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PRC and Sister-Church News for the Week of January 27, 2019

Ps27 4On this fourth Lord's Day of 2019, January 27, the following news and information concerning PRC congregations, the Seminary, sister churches and mission fields may be noted.


  • Rev. B. Huizinga (Hope PRC, Redlands, CA) is considering the call from Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, AB (received Jan.6).

  • From the Council's new trio, Trinity PRC extended a call to Rev. J. Engelsma (Doon PRC) on Jan.20.

  • On Jan.20 Rev. Erik Guichelaar (Randolph WI PRC) declined the call from Grandville PRC to serve as minister-on-loan to the Covenant ERC in Singapore.

  • MEXICO PRESENTATION: "The Contact Committee's Presentation on Mexico will be TONIGHT, January 27 at 7:30 PM at Zion PRC. Rev. C. Griess will be giving the presentation highlighting their recent trip and contact with the Reformed churches in and around Mexico City. Refreshments will be served after the presentation.  Join us at Zion PRC’s new location at 7551 12th Ave, Jenison, MI 49426."

  • SPECIAL NOTICE: We have many new officebearers who begin to serve in this time of year, some for the first time. If you are looking for helpful materials, visit our "Resources for Officebearers" webpage. You will find profitable sermons, speeches, and articles for the office and work of elder and that of deacon (Here is a summary webpage). Those in West Michigan will also find that the Seminary bookstore carries a variety of titles that will benefit our officebearers. Call or visit us M-F, 8AM - 5PM.


Classis West: Classis West of the PRC will meet in Heritage PRC (Sioux Falls, SD) on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, at 8:30 AM, the Lord willing. All material for the agenda is to be in the hands of the Sated Clerk by Feb.4 (30 days before classis convenes). All delegates in need of lodging or transportation from the airport should notify the clerk of Heritage's Consistory.  ~ Rev. J. Engelsma, Stated Clerk

Contact Committee: The delegation of Rev. K. Koole and Mr. P. Vander Schaaf (along with their wives), sent for the annual visit to the Covenant PRC in N. Ireland for church visitation and to visit their mission work in Limerick, returned home this past week.

 Dec 2016 1

PRC Seminary News:

  • The second semester began this past week (Tuesday, Jan.22) and a good beginning was made. The schedule of courses and calendar of events for the 2nd semester may be found on this page. In that connection the faculty sends out this note about auditing classes this semester:

"The Seminary again welcomes members to attend classes in the coming semester.  Four different classes are open to the public.  For Prof. R. Cammenga: Dogmatics Locus Soteriology (the doctrine of salvation) and Old Testament History (Judges through the return from Captivity).  For Prof. R. Dykstra: Medieval Church History and New Testament Isagogics (introduction).  Class sessions are scheduled to begin on Tuesday January 22.  A schedule of the classes (for the days and times) is available on the Seminary website. If you would like to attend, please call the seminary (531-1490) to register with our secretary, Sharon Kleyn."

  • If you have not yet done so, check out the new PRC seminary website! There are many new features and updates, including a blog. Visit the site and check out the various pages - and sign up to receive seminary news by email!

  • Seminary recently completed its 2019 Interim course (Jan.4-15).  Prof. B. Gritters taught his "Heidelberg Catechism Preaching" class, which was live-streamed through the seminary's Youtube channel. You may also find the saved videos from the class at that YouTube link, if you wish to listen in on the sessions at your convenience.

  • The Fall 2018 issue of the PR Theological Journal is currently available. The digital versions (pdf, ePub, Mobi) may be found here. The print version was mailed out the end of last year. If you would like a copy, you may stop by the seminary and pick one up If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact the seminary.

  • The PRC Synod 2018 took a decision urging “the churches and the pastors in particular in their public prayers to pray the Lord of the harvest for able, faithful, and devoted pastors and teachers (Ephesians 4:11) for us and our children, as well as for the gathering of the elect out of the nations (Matthew 28:19).” A number of ministers are nearing the age of emeritation, and the number of students in the seminary at this time will not be sufficient to fill the upcoming needs of our churches either in our own congregations or in the work of missions. Please remember this urgent need in your prayers and encourage young men whom you observe to have the gifts to consider the ministry.

  • Work continues on the seminary addition project that will house the new PRC archives and two offices during the professor transition period in the next few years. Due to recent cold and snowy weather, progress has been delayed, but preparations and plans continue to be made for the work that remains, including the library renovation project this summer. For more updates, visit this blog post.


  • The Seminary faculty along with Trinity PRC Evangelism Committee are busy preparing for a Spring 2019 conference to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the great Synod of Dordt, 1618/19 - 2018/19. The following updates are being given:
    Dordt 400: Did you know November 13 1618, 400 years ago, the Synod of Dordt began and didn’t conclude until nearly 6 months and 154 meetings later?! Are you familiar with the preceding history that led to this lengthy meeting? Do you know the week by week events that happened during the Great Synod? Follow that history and join the blog at to view the weekly events  Synod of Dordt. Stay up to speed in light of Seminary's conference April 25-27 2019.

    Dordt 400 Writing contest:  The conference also includes a writing contest with great prizes!  The deadline for submission was January 15. The committee will now be reviewing and judging the essays.

CERSSunday LadiesBS
*Ladies Bible study in Covenant ERC, Singapore, one the "sisters" of the PRC


  • Since June of 2018 (confirmed at the PRC Synod), the PRCA now has an official sister-church relationship with the PRC in the Philippines. From the bulletins of our "sisters" there, the Berean PRC, Bulacan PRC, and Maranatha PRC, we find these notes today:
    • Berean PRC: Our pastor [Rev. V. Ibe]  is also scheduled to preach at Kerusso Community Church in Tondo, Manila at 3P.M. and ‘will lead them in their study of the Church Order Arts. 71-73, the Lord willing.

    • Bulacan PRC: Rev. Flores is preaching at the First Christian Reformed Church in Quezon City today and teaching the Essentials of Reformed Doctrine class. An elder is leading a reading service this morning and Rev. Ibe leading the second service.

    • Maranatha PRC: "Our Missionary, Rev. R. Smit will lead us in both services. He will teach the Belgic Confession Art. 18: The Incarnacion of Jesus Christ (Part 2)."

    • Rev. Daniel & Sharon Kleyn are currently taking an extended furlough in the U.S. (until June 18). Per the decision of the PRC Synod of 2018, "the purpose of the furlough is to give Rev. Kleyn time to take some courses with a view to obtaining an advanced degree, to prepare classes to be taught in the PRCP [Philippines] seminary in the future, and to give both Rev. & Sharon opportunity to be refreshed and to reconnect with family."

    • And for more on the life and work of our "sisters" in the Far East read the news under Philippine missions (bulletins).

  • *Concerning our sister church in Singapore, Covenant ERC, we may note the following items from her bulletin today (Jan.27):
    •  "By now you have heard that Rev Guichelaar has declined the call to serve as MOL to Singapore. Some of us have expressed some disappointment on this episode in calling a MOL to serve in Covenant. We encourage the congregation to continue to be patient in waiting upon the Lord. The Lord in His goodness has provided Covenant in all these years of all her needs, especially in the preaching and teaching of His word, we can be assured that He will in His good timing provide us this need and others also. We ask you therefore to earnestly call upon Lord when we come together in worship, when we gather in meetings and bible study, when we come together in family worship and in your quiet moments to implore the grace of the Lord to provide us an under shepherd."
    • "We are also thankful to receive help for pulpit supplies till June 2019. After Rev. Spriensma, Rev Stephan Regnerus will be here for three Lord’s days, followed by Rev Heath Bleyenberg for four weeks. Pastor den Hartog will fill the pulpit from the first week of April till June 2019. We thank God for all His provision."

    • Her latest newsletter (DECEMBER 2018) - Reformed News Asia - was recently posted and may be found on this page.

    • The latest young peoples' magazine, Salt Shakers, was received and posted recently (November 2018 - cf. image above). Check that out on this page.
  • The PRC also has a "corresponding relationship" with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) of Australia. We remember these brothers and sisters in our prayers and labors also.

Are you interested in studying the Reformed creeds and the Church Order of the PRC? 
Visit this page for more information.


  • If you are in need of some pamphlets published by the PRC for use in evangelism and/or witnessing, visit the PRCA Evangelism page for a complete list of materials available in digital format or by order from the publishing church. Looking for items on salvation by grace alone in Christ alone? Visit this page for more information.

  • Looking for Reformed literature and a solid Reformed and biblical magazine to read? Visit the Reformed Free Publishing Association's website (, where you will find information on books in all major Christian categories, as well as on the bi-monthly periodical, the Standard Bearer.

  • If you are in West Michigan, be sure to visit the Reformed Book Outlet in downtown Hudsonville, MI! The RBO is a great source for Bibles, Bible study materials, music, cards, RFPA books, and other Reformed literature; stop at the RBO, or visit their website.

  • You can now listen to the Heidelberg Catechism and the Belgic Confession on audio! Visiit the links provided to hear the Catechism and the Confession read. It's another excellent way to learn the Reformed faith and memorize these Reformed creeds.

RWH logo 1

  • Remember to listen to the Reformed Witness Hour each Sunday (on a radio station near you or on Sermonaudio wherever you are)! Today Rev. W. Bruinsma (pastor of Pittsburgh PRC) brings the message "Learning Contentment", from Phil.4:11 (which you may listen to at this link).

  • The RWH also has a new, updated website! Please visit to watch our introduction video, view pictures and audio from our history, and read and listen to almost 20 years of past radio broadcasts! If you haven’t visited the RWH website recently, now is an excellent time to familiarize yourself with this important radio-internet ministry of the PRC.

  • A new Spanish edition of the RWH is being produced and may be found on this YouTube channel (PRC Espanol). Look for new messages each week - and help spread the word!

 adult bible 1

ESPECIALLY FOR PRC Young People and Young Adults:

  • Note re the 2019 PRYP's Convention: Southwest & Providence Protestant Reformed Churches will be hosting the 2019 PRC Young People's Convention on August 12-16, the Lord willing.  The convention will be held at Michindoh Conference Center in Hillsdale, MI.  Registration for chaperones is now open!  Please visit our website at to register.

  • Lynden PRC Young Adults Retreat updates: A reminder that registration for our retreat will be opening in February! Instructions on how to register will be announced in the bulletins as well as posted to our Facebook Page - Lynden PRC Young Adults Retreat 2019. If you haven’t already, request an invite to see the page and invite your friends as well! As previously announced, our retreat will take place at Mt. Baker Bibleway Camp during July 1-5, 2019. Our speakers for the retreat will be Prof. Gritters and Reverend Regnerus. Our retreat theme is An Unchanging God In an Ever-Changing World. Come join us for a wonderful retreat in beautiful Northwest Washington!

  • A matter for our young people to consider prayerfully. From the Federation of PR School Societies: “There is a significant need for more good Christian teachers for our beloved schools. This is true in light of increasing enrollment, recently established and emerging schools, and continual teacher retirements. We ask that this need be prayed for and supplication made that the young men and women of your congregation be led by God to enter into the vocation of a Christian school teacher. This…is intended to bring the serious need for teachers to your attention so this specific request can be brought to our heavenly Father and the need made known directly to your congregation.”

  • Are YOU a subscriber to the PR Young People's magazine, the Beacon Lights? Visit the website and learn how to become one!

  • The latest young peoples' magazine of Covenant ERC in Singapore, Salt Shakers, was received and posted (November 2018 - cf. image above). Check that out on this page.

*Meeting place of Limerick Reformed Fellowship in Ireland.


Domestic Labors:

  • Remember in prayer our home missionary, Rev. A. Spriensma, who continues to labor in the West Michigan area and beyond through Byron Center PRC, the calling church. In a recent bulletin of Byron Center PRC we find this note concerning our missionary's labors at present:
    • "The Domestic Mission Committee and our Council have approved a request for Pastor Spriensma to assist the saints in Singapore from January 15 until February 12. Besides the 4 Sundays of preaching, Rev. Spriensma will be teaching catechism, leading Bible Societies, conducting a wedding, administering the sacrament of Baptism and working closely with Singapore's Evangelism committee. Remember Rev. Spriensma and Alva in their travels and work in Singapore."

United Kingdom:

Philippine Missions:

  • The latest Philippines mission newsletter was received and recently posted (October 2018) and may be found on this PRC webpage.
  • Don't forget to follow the Kleyn's blog on life and activities in the Philippines. And that also includes the Holstege's! And don't miss out on the Smits once again too!

  • From this Sunday's bulletin of the Berean PRC and Provident Christian Church in Marikina we find the following notes concerning their pastors as well as concerning our missionaries and their labors today and in this coming week:

    • Berean PRC: "Beginning on February 03, 2019 regular worship services will be conducted with the saints in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija as requested and with the approval of the Consistory. ...For now, our worship services are aired live via phone patch in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija. May God’s blessings rest upon their hearts as they hear His Word today!"

    • Provident CC: Rev. Holstege will preach both times today and next Sunday, Lord willing. After the first service, we will have the Essentials of Reformed Doctrine class, Lesson 9, “The Providence of God.”

Let us continue in prayer to the Lord for the fulfillment of the needs of these busy pastors and missionaries in the Philippines. May the Lord of the harvest give them grace to be faithful and encouraged in all their labors.


  • Let us also remember Hope PRC's (Grand Rapids, MI) support of and involvement with Rev. Titus' work in Myanmar; for his latest report, visit this page.
  • The delegation to Myanmar (Rev. Overway and Richard Peterson of the Myanmar committee, accompanied by Cal and Seth Kalsbeek and John Van Baren) returned home safely this past week.
Last modified on 27 January 2019