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PRC Mission News for January 2, 2017

In PRC mission news for January 2, 2017 the following may be noted:

  • On New Year's Day Rev. R. Van Overloop received the call from Byron Center PRC to serve as home missionary.

Rev VanOverloop

  • Rev. D. Kleyn and his wife Sharon have posted pictures and reports on their blog of the recent Contact Committee delegation to the Philippines (Prof. R. Dykstra and Rev. G. Eriks). You are encouraged to visit the three posts on the labors and experiences of the men. Below are a few of the pics.

BacalodBS RD Dec 2016
Prof. R. Dykstra leading the Bible study and answering questions in Bacolod City.

BereanPRC CCdeleg Dec 2016
Group picture of the Berean PRC in Manila.

BulacanPRC GEriks Dec 2016
Rev. G. Eriks with the Bulacan PRC

  • Follow the labors of the most recent delegation to Vellore, India on Georgetown PRC's Facebook page. There are daily reports and pictures of the work the Gritters and Wassinks are doing on behalf of the PRC in Vellore and GT PRC. Below is a sample picture and summary of their Saturday.

VellorePRC Dec 2016
Vellore PRC gathered on Old Year's evening/New Year's morning.

What a day and evening it was yesterday! We started the day at the Grace Foster Home. Soon after arriving several of the children as well as Liz and Emily took the bus into town to visit the market. This was a special time for all of them. We had lunch prepared for us at GFH by Kavitha and Karthik. They are learning to cook from Kasthuri and it was delicious! We were also given a tour of the dining area and cooking area of the boys dorm. We are always amazed by the freshness of the spices and food prepared. No processed food here. After lunch we were returned to our hotel for a time of rest before our busy evening. At 10:15PM we were picked up and brought to the church which was filled with worshippers. The services consisted of many prayers, singing, Deane gave greetings from our Georgetown PRC, expressions of thankfulness and remembrances of the events of the past year as well as 2 sermons given by Prof Gritters. He said in all his years of the ministry he had not preached a sermon at 1:30 in the morning!!! It was a full evening and early morning. We truly brought in the New Year giving glory to our faithful God being reminded to be ready for his coming. (Read Matthew 25) We have found out that the people here are like the energizer bunny.....they keep going and going. ? It was well past 2:30PM before we were ready to leave the church. We got some good sleep and today we're planning on another full day of activity. What a blessing to be here and see God's love displayed in so many different ways. We wish God's richest blessings to all of you in this New Year.

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