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PRC Congregational and Mission News - February 19, 2017

sacrifice of praise

On this third Lord's Day of February 2017, the following PRC congregational and mission news items may be provided.

AdenHartogCongregational News:

  • Zion PRC formed a trio of Rev. G. Eriks (Hudsonville, MI), Rev. C. Haak (Georgetown- Hudsonville, MI), and Rev. R. Kleyn (Covenant of Grace- Spokane, WA.) The congregation plans to call March 7.
  • A program for Rev. Arie denHartog to recognize his emeritation from the ministry and thank him for his years of service to the Protestant Reformed Churches, will be held Friday, February 24, at 8 PM at Southwest PRC.  You are invited to attend. The program will be live-streamed.

Mission News:

  • Byron Center PRC has formed a new trio from which to call a home missionary. It is made up of Revs. C.Haak (Georgetown PRC), S.Key (Loveland PRC), and W. Langerak (SE PRC, Grand Rapids, MI). The congregation will call Sunday evening, February 26.
  • From the Foreign Mission Committee: Rev. Allen and Crysta Brummel and Elder Alan De Boer returned home safely [Feb.14] from their visit to the Philippines' Mission. They write: “We are very thankful for our missionaries and their families and the pastors and saints of the PRCP. Please continue to remember them, their work, and families in your personal and congregational prayers and with email notes.” Below are some more pictures and notes from the Kleyn's blog. Visit the site to see more.

 2017 Deleg ProvidCC
Group picture at Maranatha PRC, where Rev. D. Holstege and Rev. A. Brummel each preached once and the men met with the consistory.

7M Poimenics BG 2017
Tuesday, February 7, was the meeting of 7M, held in Provident Christian Church. Rev. Kleyn lectured on the Church Order and they watched a video of Prof. Gritters lecturing on Poimenics (pastoral care).


Covenant PRC, N.Ireland Newsletter - February 2017

CPRC News Header

Covenant Protestant Reformed Church
Ballymena, NI

16 February, 2017

Dear saints in the Protestant Reformed Churches,

Church Visitors

CC visitors CPRC 2017Rev. and Sue VanOverloop (Grace PRC) and Sid and Lisa Miedema (Byron Center PRC) stayed with us at the CPRC manse from Friday 12-Saturday 21 January. It is especially enjoyable when our annual church visitors come with their wives!

As well as preaching at both Lord’s Day services, Pastor VanOverloop led a Tuesday morning Bible study on “Paul’s Prayers for the Ephesians” and gave a Wednesday night lecture on “Content With Who I Am in Christ.” The Ballymena Guardian and the Belfast News Letter carried articles promoting this speech. The congregation and visitors appreciated Rev. VanOverloop’s ministry.

Building the wall in Nehemiah 3 was the theme of this year’s official church visitation with the CPRC Council (Monday, 16 January). What a great example to the church of all ages: In Nehemiah’s day, everyone joined in the work despite the opposition of the ungodly!

Our congregational dinner in the Ross Park Hotel was a good night of fellowship (Friday, 20 January). Our thanks to William Graham for his fine work as the after-dinner quizmaster. Besides our four church visitors, most of the congregation, and a good number of friends, our nephew Travis Hanko (Grace PRC) was also present at the dinner, having flown to Northern Ireland for a couple of days during a university course in the Netherlands.

Alicia Prins and Dana VanDyke (Trinity PRC) were in Northern Ireland in late December, staying with David and Kirstin Crossett. Our thanks to them and the church visitors for bringing over a good number of books for our church.

Rev. McGeown’s New Book

The CPRC Bookstore has been getting out a lot of RFPA literature of late, including Prof. Hanko’s excellent book, Corrupting the Word of God: The History of the Well-Meant Offer.

McGeown Called Watch 2016Our current bestseller is Rev. McGeown’s Called to Watch for Christ’s Return ( calledtowatch.html). Apart from our BRF Conference books, which we sell at a very low cost, no other book has sold so many copies in such a relatively short period.

Our biggest difficulty lies in keeping up a stock of them through couriers travelling from Grand Rapids to the CPRC or the Limerick Reformed Fellowship (LRF). For the present, I am holding off sending articles on Called to Watch for Christ’s Return to the Ballymena press because we are running low.

Three weeks ago, I e-mailed a piece to newspapers in the Cookstown area of Northern Ireland, where Pastor McGeown was brought up and where most of his family live. The Mid-Ulster Mail put it on their website and linked to it from their Facebook account. They also published it in full and prominently in their weekly printed version, along with two photos of the author and his book (2 February). This garnered more sales than any such article we have had published in any (secular) newspaper before. Hopefully, some of the new people reading this superb book on Matthew 24-25 and the end times will develop a spiritual taste for the truth of the biblical and Reformed faith, and will want other materials from the CPRC Bookstore in the future.


The ministry of the blessed Word continues in the CPRC in various forms. On Tuesday mornings, we have been tracing the Old Testament’s teaching on holy wars from the Pentateuch through the historical books, especially Joshua and Judges.

We recently concluded six Wednesday night classes on “The Government of and Offices in the Church” (Belgic Confession 30). We refuted Charismaticism, Episcopalianism, and Anabaptism by insisting on only and all the three permanent, ordinary, and biblical church offices: pastors, elders, and deacons. On this scriptural basis, we then considered church office-bearers in connection with the Spirit of Christ, good order, and broader assemblies ( confessionclass.htm). It was good to have with us in the class two visitors from the Republic of Ireland, one from Co. Wexford and one from Co. Limerick, Colm Ring of the LRF.

Last Sunday's services included the 31st sermon on “The Life of Jacob,” the longest series I have preached ( audio/OTseries.htm). Stephen Murray has already produced two of the three box sets on Jacob (CD or DVD), covering sermons 1-12 entitled “Jacob’s Birth, Blessing, and Young Family” (Gen. 25-31) and sermons 13-22 on “Jacob’s Enemies: Laban, Esau, and the Canaanites” (Gen. 31-35).

Jacob sermons CPRC 2017

The last two months have been very quiet on the translation front, with just 10 added to our website: 5 Spanish, 2 Hungarian, 2 Indonesian, and 1 Portuguese ( However, we have also received our first ever subtitled video. Tibor Bognár, who was at the 2016 British Reformed Fellowship (BRF) Conference, added Hungarian subtitles to a YouTube video of my sermon on “The Sovereignty of God (I).” This video is atop our special Hungarian page, which contains some 185 translations ( languages/hungarian.htm).

With 2017 being the 500th anniversary of the great Protestant Reformation, the CPRC is delighted that Prof. Engelsma has agreed to come to Northern Ireland to give some speeches in October and early November, and to preach on three Lord’s Days. We are holding a mini-conference on Saturday, 21 October, DV, the week before the PR Seminary conference in Grand Rapids. This also means that I am released to preach for the LRF on Sundays 29 October and 5 November, when Rev. McGeown is to be in the US to speak at Reformation conferences in Michigan and Colorado, respectively.

May the Lord be with all His believing children, the children of the Reformation,
Rev. & Mary Stewart


Are You Receiving and Reading the "Standard Bearer"?

SB Feb1 2017 coverAre you are Standard Bearer subscriber and reader?

Perhaps you do not know anything about this distinctive Reformed magazine (cf. the cover image of the latest issue).

Here is a brief discription from the SB website:

The Standard Bearer is a semi-monthly, 24-page print magazine devoted to explaining and defending Reformed doctrine, promoting the Reformed life of the Church and believer, and combating old and new errors that threaten to disrupt the Reformed faith and life. For over 85 years, the Standard Bearer has boldly and unashamedly testified to the faith of the Protestant Reformation. This periodical was the first of the RFPA’s publications, first published in 1924, and today has more than 2,300 subscribers worldwide.

An annual subscription includes 21 issues of the Standard Bearer (only one issue for June, July, and August).

The Reformed Free Publishing Association, publishers of the SB, has a goal of 3,000 subscribers by 2018 and would like to see your name added to that list.

If you are not currently receiving the SB, contact them at the website link provided here. You may also receive a free sample copy at that page.

Below is the latest RFPA flyer promoting the SB. Why not sign up to start receiving this profitable Reformed and biblical periodical today?!

RFPA SB flyer Feb 2017


India Outreach Newsletter - February 2017

India Outreach e~Newsletter
February 2017
Dear friends,
We have been very blessed to say we have had a very active past few months with our growing relationship with the Protestant Reformed Church in Vellore and the Grace Foster Home.  
Liz Van Drunen and Emily Moelker have completed their 3 month stay with the Grace Foster Home and have continued on their 6 month trip and are now in Singapore.  Joel and Ellen Bruinooge have returned safely, along with the delegation from the Foreign Mission Committee.  Prof. Gritters and his wife Lori, along with Deane and Donna Wassink have also returned safely from their stay in India.
All those returning have reported the enthusiasm for the truth of the Gospel they have encountered.  Deane stated what a blessing it was to worship with the Tamil congregation for the "Old Years" and "New Years" service where Prof. Gritters preached from 10 PM at night to 3 AM in the morning.  One interesting happening from that evening, as Deane recalls, "We worshipped on a rooftop in this Hindu village. Prof. Gritters brought the message. Prof. and I agreed, it appeared that a spiritual warfare was going on. Hindu chanting was blaring over the speakers so loud it was hard to hear him preach. In the middle of the message when our frustration was hitting a peak. God caused the power to all go off. The only words that were heard were the Gospel. We read our Bibles and notes with flashlights. Even when it returned, the power of the word of darkness was much weaker."
As of this time Brad Kamminga and Joshua Vanderwall are both with Pastor Paulraj and the Grace Foster Home.  We ask that you pray for them during their time there that they may be safe and be a blessing on the work there.
Below is a report from Ellen Bruinooge on her and Joel's time in India.
Matthew 28:18-20
And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen 
India Visit Report                        By Ellen Bruinooge

I never know exactly what to say or how to start these mission trip reports. It is impossible to put into writing all the emotions, experiences, events that took place over this two week period. I have started this article a few times, only to be distracted by my own emotions and going back to pictures of what I was writing about. Even pictures do not do it justice as it is too hard to capture the pure joy on the faces of both children and adults connected to Vellore Protestant Reformed Church, the laughter of children, the evidence of love between the children, the evidence of God's love to them. There is love and joy in spite of many obstacles that we cannot begin to imagine here in the States. We heard way too many stories of people - often young people - ostracized by family and community because of their profession of faith. There are children at Grace Foster Home unable to make this public formal profession at church because a relative/guardian does not allow it. 13, 14, 15 year olds passionately talk about making this profession of faith when they turn 18 and become adults.....knowing they will lose any remaining family contact. Heart wrenching......and amazing Grace!
We (Joel and Ellen Bruinooge) traveled with representatives of the Foreign Mission Committee, Rev Doug Kuiper and Ike Uittenbogaard, and Ike's spouse, Phyllis. Although we knew Rev Kuiper only in passing and never met the Uittenbogaards, traveling to a third world country and gathering with saints of the universal church create instant and lasting bonds. Plus - you see each other first thing in the morning, knock on each other's doors and meet in your hotel rooms. Yep......instant bonding!
In a sentence - God's work there is thriving. The people - young and old - are hungry for the word, in church, in Bible Studies, in seminars, in family devotions. They clearly have grown in their Biblical understanding, in their understanding of the church, and in their communion with each other. We saw evidence of this in the various activities we participated in.
A highlight of these visits to India is the "house visits". These are short visits in the homes of various parishioners. We often did this later in the afternoon and early evening and spent time in parts of the city and countryside we would not otherwise have seen. We walked down some pretty dark narrow streets, walked about ½ mile through a field and avoided cows and bullocks on the road in making our way to homes. Homes are humble by any standard - one or two rooms. Furniture is usually some stackable plastic chairs although some homes had a couch or table. Scripture is read and briefly explained, prayer offered, and snacks served. Paulraj said they always offer him food - it must be a universal pastor thing!  Any leftover food was sent home with Paulraj in a metal lunch bucket. Nothing is wasted! It was obvious that Paulraj makes these visits consistently as he knows the people well and the details of their lives. He took time to explain each family's particular needs and these were incorporated into the prayers. Although there was no communication through language, there was perfect communication in our shared faith and our common bond. Each time teams go to India and do house visits, the bonds strengthen!
Seminars were taught by Rev Kuiper, church services and Bible Studies led, visits made to villages that are part of the Village Outreach of Vellore PRC, and a day long Retreat held with members of the English group. This group of medical personnel, led by Dr Ronald Carey, is a fluid group in that they come and go depending on their assignment and responsibilities. We still saw several familiar faces and it was great to reconnect with them. They are a hard working group and spend much time in study of the Bible and Reformed teachings.
A trip to India would not be complete without spending time with the children of Grace Foster Home. This was the first time Joel and I had been to Eden Campus. What a difference this move has made in the lives of these children! Eden is literally an oasis for them. The boys and girls hostels face each other across a large open area. Lots of play goes on in this space......although not with any toys that we could see. The kids hang out, run around, talk, and eat in this area. Large tarps were purchased in previous visits and these are laid on the ground and the kids sit cross legged and eat. There is unspoken order here. The kids seem to know just what to do and they do it with smiles. Some children we first met in 2008 and are now young adults and active members of the church. The evidence of the covenant is hard to miss; these are covenant children brought up in a covenant home and taught the Reformed faith. They speak openly about being brought to the faith and are eager to testify of God's love to them.
Liz VanDrunen and Emily Moelker, volunteers at Grace Foster Home, have totally immersed themselves in the life of this home. They were about halfway into their 3 month stay there and are obviously much loved by the children and staff. They teach, mentor, play, and learn....and they were a joy to watch as they served the children in so many ways.
We are thankful for this opportunity to serve again in India. We thank each of you for your support of this ministry, for your passion for the spread of the gospel, and for your continued prayers for the dear saints in India.


Opportunities for Giving
The needs of Paulraj and Kasthuri are endless, however their greatest desire is for your prayers. Please pray for them in their mission to deliver the message of Christ to all who will listen, in a nation where Christianity is despised. Please pray for their safety in sharing this message while surrounded by those who hate them. Please pray for the growth of the Protestant Reformed Church of Vellore and for all those who are members. Please pray for the children of Grace Foster Home, that they may continue to grow in the knowledge of their Savior who loves them.
If you have been moved by this ministry, please also consider a financial gift to assist in the day to day needs of Paulraj and Kasthuri, as well as the children of Grace Foster Home.
*To make a secure donation through Paypal or with a credit card, click on the Donate button below... no Paypal account is needed!

or mail your financial gift to:
Georgetown PRC/India Mission Outreach
PO Box 253
Hudsonville, MI 49426
*Please specify in the comments if you would like your gift to be used in the General Ministry or for the daily needs of Grace Foster Home.

Thank You!!

Georgetown PRC | | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 7146 48th Ave
Hudsonville, MI 49426


PRC Congregational and Mission News - February 12, 2017

 Ps119 37For this Lord's Day of February 12, 2017 the following news items from the PRC congregations and her mission fields may be noted:

Congregational news:

  • Rev. A. Lanning (CERC-Singapore) announced today his decline of the call from First PRC, Holland MI to serve as her next pastor.
  • Rev. R. Kleyn (Covenant of Grace PRC, Spokane, WA) announced today his decline of the call from SW PRC, Wyoming MI to serve as her next pastor.

May the Bridegroom of His church assure these manifestations of His bride of His presence with them and of His provision for them in His time and way.

Mission News:

  • Rev. J. Mahtani (Cornerstone PRC, Dyer, IN) announced today his decline of the call from Doon PRC to serve as third missionary to the Philippines.
  • Rev. Allen and Crysta Brummel and Elder Alan De Boer, who are representing the FMC and Doon consistory, are visiting the missionaries and churches in the Philippines as part of the annual delegation.  The Kleyns posted some pictures this week of the visit to that point (see below).  The visitors plan to return this Tuesday, February 14.  We pray for God's blessings on this visit and for traveling mercies for the delegation on their way home.

EDeBoer greetings Feb
Elder DeBoer extending Christian greetings from Doon PRCA

meeting Bulacan PRC Feb
Meeting with the consistory of the PRC in Bulacan


Zion PRC Organization - February 8, 2017

Zion PRC Organiz Feb 2017 1

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, at a special service held in her sanctuary, Faith PRC gave birth to a new daughter congregation - with the chosen name of ZION PRC.

The plans and preparations for this stretched back into 2016 (and beyond), when the Council of Faith PRC encouraged some of her members to form a new church, to help ease the space limitations due to her steady growth. Soon a number of families committed to doing this, and began holding worship services at Heritage Christian School in Hudsonville, MI. In a matter of months the Council-set goal of 40 families was reached to seek organization as a new PRC.

At the meeting of Classis East in January of this year, the delegates approved the request of these families and individuals from Faith and from a few other local PRCs to proceed with organization, Faith's Council being entrusted with the final steps and organization service. The date of February 8, 2017 was set and on that date the organization was carried out.

RevCSpronkRev. C. Spronk, pastor of Faith PRC, led the service, preaching the message "The Life of a Spirit-Filled Church" from Acts 4:31-32. Following the regular portion of the service, a special congregational meeting was held, in which Zion's male confessing members chose her officebearers from the nominations Faith's Council has approved. Chosen as elders were Gary Kaptein, Howard Pastoor (three-year terms), Randy Dykstra and Brian Decker (two-year terms); chosen as deacons were Justin Koole, Scott Van Uffelen (three-year terms) and Rodney Rau (two-year term).

Zion PRC is still temporarily meeting at Heritage Christian School (miusic room in the NE corner of the building), holding worship services at 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Rev. J. Slopsema is leading the morning services and teaching the Heidelberg Catechism. The evening services are supplied by ministers from Classis east and from the PRC Seminary. The congregation cordialy invites you to join them in worship on Sundays and in fellowship at her weekly Bible studies.

HCS Huds 2016 1

We rejoice in God's gracious provision of a new congregation in our denomination, and pray that His richest blessing may rest upon her as she seeks to serve the Lord in her worship and fellowship, to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and be a faithful witness in the community in which God has placed her.

"Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King." Psalm 48:2

"Do good in thy good pleasure unto Zion: build thou the walls of Jerusalem." Psalm 51:18


Myanmar Report of Rev. Titus - December 2016

 Through the Council of Hope PRC (Grand Rapids, MI) comes this December 2016 report from Rev. Titus concerning his labors in Myanmar (Burma).

Titus pastor family

Dear brethren,

Greetings in our sovereign covenant Lord's name. I believed that for His mercy you are doing well in this cold winter there.

Here also temperature went down up to 65 DF, so many people caught cold, and myself also got a very strong cold, coughing the whole night, could not sleep well, doctor gave me some injections as well as pills. Last Sunday my congregation had to bear with me my rough voice for too much coughing, but thankfully Lord's Day worship went well.

So, I need to be short this time of report, but very interesting improvement in our government's reforming the country, the Lord willing, next month I will report.

In His providence care we can still have Tuesday Bible class, and we still discussing "Essentials of Reformed Doctrine." We reached lesson 14. We had a great deal of discussions with our reformed truth and our country's so-called Christian view, which is sometimes very different.

I am still very busy, editing my KJV Burmese translation. I started editing the book of 2 Thessalonians and I preached every week from out of that editing. And I reached translating chapter 23 of the book of Deuteronomy. Evening services Heidelberg Catechism, now I reach LD 11.

And every week put out Sunday Digest. I am still translating "For They Truth's Sake" by Prof. Hanko, now I am still translating "Believers and Their Seed." And I reached "Come, Ye Children," by Gertrude Hoeksema, "Ehud Left-handed Judge." Catechism classes, younger one, we started Heidelberg Catechism, by Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma; this week we reach lesson 11. Older youth, I am teaching "Essentials of Reformed Doctrine, A Guide in Catechetical Instruction by Rev. Herman Hoeksema, revised by Prof. Herman Hanko." We are now re-discussion on the points that the youth have to know more, so we kind of free-hand discussions, youth asked me from lessons that they like to know more about or things they did not very clear the first time.

I start translating a new book, "Unfolding Covenant History," by Homer C. Hoeksema, I am translating the chapter "The Creative Work in the Beginning."

Thank you very much for supporting my ministry till today, without your help I cannot do all the things that I do for His people. Please, continue to pray for us, so that the name of the Lord will be glorified here in this land. I and my family also pray always for all of you and your families and congregations. The Lord's blessings to you all.

Your brother,
Rev. Titus


PRC & Sister-Church Congregational and Mission News - February 5, 2017



On this first Lord's Day of February 2017, we may note the following news items from the PRC congregations and her mission fields:

Congregational news:

  • Last Sunday (Jan.29) Rev. R. Van Overloop announced his decline of the call from Byron Center PRC to serve as home missionary.
  • Rev. A. Lanning (CERC-Singapore) is considering the call from First PRC, Holland MI to serve as her next pastor.
  • Rev. R. Kleyn (Covenant of Grace PRC, Spokane, WA) is considering the call from SW PRC, Wyoming MI to serve as her next pastor.

Mission News:


  • We remember in prayer Rev. J. Mahtani (Cornerstone PRC, Dyer, IN) as he continues to consider the call from Doon PRC to serve as third missionary to the Philippines.
  • Rev. Allen and Crysta Brummel and Elder Alan De Boer representing the FMC and Doon consistory had a good trip this past week to the Philippines for the annual delegation.  Rev. Brummel preached in the Berean PRC today and they met with the consistory of the PRC of Bulacan.  They plan to arrive home again on Tuesday, February 14.  We remember the delegation in our prayers.

The members of our sister church in Singapore, Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church, are currently celebrating the Chinese New Year (2017 is the Year of the Rooster). Mrs. S. Lanning posted some pictures on the annual church visitation day they hold during this week-long celebration. Below is her opening description and two of her pictures. For more on this, visit her blog post.

To our brothers and sisters there we extend a hearty "Happy and blessed New Year!"

Chinese NY 2017 1
Singing Chinese songs

It is Chinese New Year once again, and today was the annual church Chinese New Year visitation.  Two homes were opened for members of the congregation to visit together.  We went to the home of Roy & Poh Choo, along with Dave & Linda Poortinga, who are visiting from Loveland, Colorado. We began with singing and an exhortation.

Chinese NY 2017 2
Singing Psalter numbers

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